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Lesson 11:The widow of Zarephath: The leap of faith

Anytime I hear the word or see the name Zarephath, I think of this Christian station based in Zarephath, New Jersey and almost every weekend, I volunteer my time to help them.

It is amazing what faith can do and what happens when we take that leap of faith. How many people in the Bible do we know of that took a leap of faith and God’s wonders was manifested in them?

This weeks lesson gives us the life of the widow of Zeraphath-the troubles she had, death of her husband, lack of food and that faith that she had left in her being taken away from her slowly. She could not provide for her son and seeing that everything was not working out for her, she decides to leave the small town of Zarephath in search of firewood to cook their final meal.

What is it about this woman and the small town of Zeraphath that we can apply to our lives today? We live in a society where people lack faith. So many things are going on around us that even we christians, the faith we have seem to desert us-lack of jobs, adultery, divorces, deaths just to mention but a few. Does Zeraphath seem like the society we are living in today?
When God saw all that was going on in the small town, he sent Elijah to come help his people (1st Kings 17:1). Who do we have today that has been sent to come clean the Zeraphath that we live in today? Is it not our pastors or us as youths? What are we doing to show the widow and others in the society that Faith can move mountains?

Over the weekend, I had a chance to go watch “Tyler Perry For Colored Girls”. I could not help but wonder, it is ok for him to show our dirty laundry like that? Why did he portray the African American society in that way? After the movie, the girls and I decided to go out for dinner and we started talking about it- true enough, every woman or man no matter your color would still say at one point in their life, they could relate to it. Was portrayed in the movie is what we have going on today in our own Zeraphath-abortion, adultery, death, rape, unkindness and our inability to take that leap of faith and believe in ourselves that we are more than what we think. We just need to master that courage and stand up for ourselves and forget about all these things going on around us, take them to God in prayer, believe and have faith that all will be well.

I remember this song that I always listen to in the morning when I drive to work ‘that’s what faith can do’ sung by Kutless. Every time I listen to it, I am reminded that Faith does wonders in our lives. How many things has God done for you or me if we have the faith? I always see every achievement that I have as the work of God and the faith I have in him. Just like the woman of Zeraphath who showed a little faith in God, so should we as christians learn to trust in the faith. Her story has been told from generations to generations about the wonders of God and the miracles of faith.

Times are tough, people have no jobs and every time you talk to a friend, a brother, sister or neighbor, you will hear one of them talking about how hard it is right now. I have a couple of friends who were laid off; you can see the frustration in their lives as they try to look for jobs to no avail. Sometimes I ask them, do you think you are doing the right thing? We just need that leap of faith to get things going. It is ok to get out of your comfort zone, apply for a job in another state, you never know, God might just do wonders for you. if one place is not working out, try somewhere else.

As christians, how many times have we been tempted to test the faith we have (Mathew 11:1-3). Elijah who even while praying, still lacked the faith in God and always end up blaming God for his problem (the sickness of his son). When things don’t work out in my life as I want them to, I blame God for it. We blame God when we don’t have jobs, our finances are weak, we can’t seem to keep our relationships, we even blame god for the death of our loved ones. We need to continue in prayer and hope for a miracle. Just like Elijah finally did and the widow of Zeraphath, we need to know that God is the only one who can sustain and give life and he will give you a breakthrough at his own best time.(1st Kings 17:17)

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