Messages from Young Adults

Lesson 1: Love

The greatest of all commandments is love. Love your neighbor as you love yourself and above all, love the Lord your God, That’s the commandment given to us by Jesus. Why is it that the world today has indistinct meaning of love? We all hunger for love from the day we are brought to this world until the day we die and without it our lives feel empty.

Jesus told us that God is love and he loves us beyond measure, so why are we committing sin of failing to love the lord our God with our all? And we cannot achieve this love of God if we don’t love ourselves first. Many of us fail to love the lord and our neighbors because we do not love ourselves first (Mathew 22:39).

When loving ourselves, we should be able to differentiate between selfless love and selfish love? If we can differentiate the above two, most of us will not be able to feel unloved. God loves us in so many ways; creating us and giving us life is one of those ways. We should be able to appreciate Him everyday. And if we can put all that we have been commanded by God concerning love, the negative peer pressure that most youths have of love will be gone and through his love and strength, we would be self loving morally people and courageous before his eyes.

We all need love from everyone around us, we need love from our parents, spouses, children, husbands, wives and above all God. This is the reason as to why we need them to love us selflessly and how we are. To achieve this, we must love who we are and who the people we come into contact with are. Another way we are shown love is when God sent his only son to die for us on the cross to cleanse all our sins (Isaiah 53). We all know that as human beings, we love ourselves too much that we cannot allow ourselves to die unless we have reasons to and one of the primary reasons is love. Most of us declare so much love to one another but when a crisis comes up, that love goes out of the window. Husbands and wives pledge to love one another until death do them part but when money issues crops up or unfaithfulness, that love is thrown out of the window. God set a perfect example for all of us, in his holy book Romans 5:7, he states that ‘while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us).

To live for is a further important aspect of love. The most chief thing that God asks of us is our life. That is why he says that whoever does not carry the cross and follow him cannot be his disciple (Luke 14:27). Living for God is when we learn Gods word and pass it to the other generations so that they can know what Love is and why it is the greatest commandment of them all because we only live to love. That is all we are asked of because if we can follow the commandment of love, then we can follow all the other commandments.

It is a blessing to give and receive. When we give, we receive double. And this can only happen if we can have someone to value us. We give people we love and care about gifts and that’s why they cherish whatever is given to the. Having friends who support you when you need them shows love, they help you when you fall, lift you when you down and help you in times of need (Eccl 4:9). This is why so many of value true friends because when you have a true friend, love exists between us and that is a form of giving.

Being known and knowing is part and parcel of our Christian life. If we know love, then we are bound to practice it. John the Baptist preaches of the love God has lavished on us and that’s why we are called God’s children. We go to church each and every Sabbath to give God all the praise and honor because of his wonderful love to us as human beings. That even though we are sinners, his love to us reigns forever. (1 John 4:7) talks about the love we should have from one another since it is from above, and everyone that loves is born of God and knows God.

That leaves me with one question to ask each and everyone of us, how much have we shown God’s Love in all our deeds?

Do we love our God with all our heart with all our soul and with our entire mind? Do we also love our neighbors the same way we love ourselves? This is something we cannot achieve within a day but working on it and following God’s commandment, we should be able to accomplish what Jesus wants of us. Some of Gods apostles such as Paul defines what real love is and that is found in the book of 1 Corinthians 13:4-8.

As Christians, we are expected to show real love, a love that is flawless and one that is valued by everyone around us. Above all, we should appreciate the love given to us by God, this way, we will learn to love other people. True love is something that exists when we direct it at someone, and it is the foundation of the best human relationships like marriage and friendship. With true love, happiness comes naturally and it will conquer anything that comes between it.

In conclusion, the Bible study started some of the ways through which we can more love in our lives;

1.      We should first understand that God is love

2.      We should believe that Jesus is revealed in God’s word.

3.      Spend time reading the Bible

4.      Share our time and money

With the above in mind, we can be able to truly appreciate how important love is in our daily lives and we can be able to acknowledge God’s love in our lives. We should as Christians follow Jesus example and the true meaning of love will be manifested in our life.

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