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“Just get to know me.”

Here it is – another post about prayer.

I just got off the phone with a good friend who was detailing his latest spiritual journey from total indecision to absolute certainty about his next step in life. As I listened, I couldn’t help feeling that God was speaking to me through his testimony. We hadn’t talked in over a year and he had no idea of what I am going through right now. So, I can only thank God for His providence in making this conversation happen.

We talked for close to an hour about prayer, seeing results, and waiting. For me, the most intriguing part about the seeking process is the waiting. Knowing or not knowing is one thing, but living in the gaps of silence can be murderous. As my friend’s voice poured through the phone, I could feel the envy beginning to burn a little bit. We’ve all prayed for stuff from time to time, I’m sure, and we’ve all experienced God’s apparent silence. Sometimes, it’s not merely silence. God seems to be flat out turning a deaf ear or ignoring our pleas. So, when I heard my friend ticking off one answered petition after another, it was all I could do to contain a scream: “HOW ARE YOU GETTING ANSWERS FROM GOD?!?!”

In the Bible, we see that even David struggled with living in the gap. Sift through the beautifully spun poetry about God’s laws, the adulation to His providence, and the fiery, indignant verse about exacting punishment on the enemies of God, and you’ll see something interesting. David wrestled with the dark – he railed against the wall of silence (see Psalm 13:1; 22:2; 80:4; 88:14; 89:46). We’re in good company, in that respect, but as we all know, David didn’t become depressed and completely turn his back on God. The Bible records testament after testament of his victories (and yes, his follies), but it also whispers evidence of his faith. Regardless of what we may think of David, the vacillating warrior who manically swung from the spiritual stratosphere to the depraved depths of acting without a conscience, we must give him one thing – he strove to know his Lord. He could bare his soul and confide as honestly as he did because he was constantly yearning to deepen his relationship with the only One who could help him. Looking forward several hundred years, we hear Christ pleading with us for the same thing. He is willing to give us whatever we ask if we only spend time with Him and get to know Him as He really is (John 15:7).

“Abide in me. Just get to know me.” Isn’t that invitation shocking in a mundane way? If you’re a Christian, then by default, you may be programmed to say, “Oh, right, Lord. I already know you. I believe in you and everything!” But, that’s where I see my biggest shortcoming. I flounder in the gaps of silence because I don’t really know and understand who God is. I don’t trust Him because I haven’t spent adequate time with Him. I know I want to – I know I need to. It’s a matter of life and death. And yet… I still wonder why God doesn’t “listen”.

“Just get to know me.” Who can resist such a beautiful invitation?

Father God, I know that the vast storehouses of Your riches, glory, and power are available to me.
Yet, I don’t have the faith to unlock those doors that seem so heavy and impenetrable to me. I want to know what You know.
I desire to want what You want. I’ve tried in my own little way to get what I want from You, but I know it’s not enough because I’ve failed miserably. Make me thirst for you – make me hunger for Your Word and Your presence.
Drive me to my knees so that I can be exalted with You.
I know You’ve been waiting patiently for me and I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to come to this realization.
I don’t know how to do this, and I certainly can’t do it on my own.
That’s why I need your help.
Thank you. Amen.


  • Janice A. Becca (Author) said:

    “Sometimes, it’s not merely silence. God seems to be flat out turning a deaf ear or ignoring our pleas.”

    wow kijana, if you only knew what kind of weekend i had…your thoughts really resonate with me. i’m not good with silence in general – especially when i’ve cleaned house to make room for God & God alone – not hearing Him is agonizing. it’s encouraging to know i’m not the only one & your prayer is mine too.

  • Rhonda B said:

    So..umm…after I say that prayer, like how long am I supposed to wait?

    *sigh* Patience is the worst. The waiting really is the hardest part. I think I am at a point where I am fine with “yes” or “no” or “not now” but I just want to know what the answer is right away. But then someone said that if you ask God for patience, He won’t just magically make you a saint, instead He will give you experiences that force you to develop the virtue. It still is a rough one though.

  • Neema Okal said:

    Its been amazing how much God has done for me. Prayer is something that can move mountains and it has moved so many mountains in my life. Each and everyday i cant help but thank the Almighty God for his deeds and that is what i do everyday through prayer.


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