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Insanity and the Chilean Miners


is one of the Chilean miners losing faith and attacking other trapped miners, tonight, hours from rescue.
is the crowd mourning each time the siren sounds when a miner emerges
is one of the miners detaching his headset while in the capsule halting contact with the rescue team
is one of the trapped miners refusing to enter the capsule because of fear
is one of the trapped miners throwing a fit because he wasn’t the first miner to be rescued.

Insanity is mii, could it be you?chile
Too harsh?
Let me come a lil’ bit closer.

Do you cringe at the testimony of a Christian friend, wondering when your deliverance will come?
Are you more likely to moan about what could go wrong in your situation when good news is being shared?
Do you find yourself detaching your headset, ending communication, avoiding prayer?
Would you refuse to get in the capsule, out of the boat and walk on water because of fear of failure?
Would you throw a fit because God chose to rescue another before He did you?

Here’s what I’m learning today as I watch the rescue mission. It would be insane for me at this point to throw a fit, stop praying or get jealous because He hasn’t yet answered my prayer. I serve a God who is intimately acquainted with my needs, dreams, drama and proclivities. He is the ONLY one aware of the amount of pressure needed to cleanse me of selfish pride. He knows which dreams of mine are routed in sin and how long my friend can handle her current situation. And so today I breathe in, breathe out, say a prayer for the remaining 29 miners and believe that He who brought me to it will see me through it for His glory alone.


In relation to the community of faith.

Insanity can also be defined as the rescue team withholding from the trapped miners the fact that a rescue plan was in the works.
Insanity is Christians withholding from a dying and trapped world that there is a rescue plan, it does work and its been in place for over 2000 years.
Insanity is Christians being reticent about sharing this news.
Insanity is Christians being more preoccupied with cars and jobs than with letting the trapped know about the rescue plan.

Okay maybe I’m blowing this all out of proportion but the more I listen the clearer it seems.

Your thoughts ….


*Pardon my use of the word insanity in relation to the miners’ experience. If one of them has a nervous breakdown tonight or tomorrow it is not insane but understandable. My goal is not to demean or trivialize their struggle but instead to draw a parallel between their harrowing experience and rescue and our Christian walk during adversity. I have nothing but respect, admiration and good will towards these men because I can’t even imagine their struggle.

Continue to keep them all in your prayers as the rescue mission is completed and they transition back to life up here on earth.

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