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I’m sorry, I can’t hear you!


I love my coworkers. Really I do. I can almost always count on them to bring me some deep spiritual wisdom in the middle of the week – usually in the midst of some mundane conversation over the photocopier.

Like the other day, I was talking with one of the guys I share an office with, when he spouts out this little gem:

It’s not enough to do good things and be Christ-like in the lives we live. If people don’t know why we’re doing it then we’re coming up short.

That one really got me thinking.

Mostly, of the many times I cop out of saying that I am a Christian among non-Christians, or avoid saying I am an Adventist among mixed Christian groups, because of the unease it might cause. Sure, I do the right things all the while, bring back excess change, help old ladies find their cars in the parking garage, be pure and kind and true and all that good Pathfinder stuff. But how easy it is to do all that with your mouth shut – as long as I never have to drop the “J” name everything is cool. After all everyone likes a nice person – not everyone likes a Christian. Christians don’t get invited out with everyone else after work; Christians don’t get to be in on the chatter that suddenly stops when they come around; and let’s be real, Christians don’t get to be friends with everyone, cause not everyone wants to be friends with them.

What’s so wrong with just living the truth? We have all heard St. Francis of Assisi’s quote “preaching the gospel at all times; and if necessary use words.” The other part we haven’t heard however is that St. Francis led many to Christ through his proclamation of the gospel.

And this is where it starts getting uncomfortable.

But isn’t that what this whole Christianity thing is about anyway? Leading others to Christ? Just living the life is not enough. In fact, truth be told, we can’t really say we’re living the life until we’ve witnessed. We have to be willing to say it out loud: “my life belongs to Jesus – maybe yours should too.”

If you’ve got that part covered, then you’re miles ahead of me, who still worries about being called a Christian in that tone of voice that lets you know you won’t be getting a call from that person. But I shouldn’t be – and that point of complete acceptance of who I am in Christ is somewhere I need to get to soon. It is a scary place, but hey, no one said being Christian would be easy.

What do you think?

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