Messages from Young Adults

GYC Day 5

Sunday morning marked the end of our time here in Minneapolis (at least for those who aren’t stuck at the airport). Before goodbyes were exchanged Pastor Conway took the stage at 7AM again. His message was a recap of the past few days and he then added to the message, “faith is active.” At 9:30AM the new GYC leaders took the stage for a dedication service. Samuel Pipim, Director of CAMPUS gave a motivational speech. He distinguished the old leadership from the new leadership. He urged the new leadership to answer only to their highest authority, God. GYC has a new name (formerly General Youth Conference) and new leadership; our prayers are needed to maintain the spirit of GYC as the new leaders strive to take it to the next level. As Israel Ramos and Andrea Oliver move on to more mentor-ship roles, we thank them for risking it all when they had nothing to give but their all to Christ in His service.

To close out the conference, Jeffrey Rosario gave the challenge to the congregation. Rosario comes from Vancouver, British Columbia and is a full-time evangelist. His message was challenging and moved more than half the young adults to respond to his appeal which was simply to dedicate our lives to God and to go do His work. Rosario explained that the devil knows better than most of us that his time is short. The devil’s sensitivity to and appreciation for efficiency might just be why, “While I’m sleeping in my bed, he’s flipping through the testimonies,” in the words of Rosario. He went on to point blank declare that we really haven’t heard anything we haven’t already heard before at this GYC, but that it’s time we do something with it. We’ve wasted so much time, that the only way to make up for it is to, “Do ordinary things in extraordinary ways.” Sometimes we feel inadequate when God calls us, just like Moses did. But Rosario reminded us, “If you can’t believe in what God can do, believe what He can’t do.” The Bible tells us that God cannot lie.

Now, Rosario’s message was powerfully inspiring, but what will be more incredible is if even just a fraction of the GYC attendees will take the GYC virus back home to infect their communities. If you don’t take the opportunity to listen to any of the other messages, check out Rosario’s challenge to all young people and respond with prayer that God will show you what you need to do right where you live (sermons should be posted at GYC site soon). Justin Kim reminded us that we are liable to propagate the Spirit of GYC as we leave Minneapolis. Our parting words were, “Go home and do something.”

The beginning.