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GYC: Day 5

After 16 messages in 4 days, you might think we were a little more than stuffed with spiritual GYC goodies. Sunday morning we managed to squeeze in two more sermons before saying our goodbyes and flying back home for the holidays. Justin Kim brought “The Imperative of Dedication” for our morning devotional, and then Shawn Boonstra spoke for the Dedication Service.

Kim emphasized that GYC seeks to be a movement. He advised us not to become “YC junkies” and attend all the events without actually moving. Sunday morning’s message was one of my favorites of the entire GYC session. You should definitely visit and listen to it when you get a chance. I’ll share just a little snippet from the message. Kim referenced TIME magazine’s assertion that the next generation is looking for a more organic, more orthodox, more traditional experience and the only place they are finding it is in the Roman Catholic Church. In the SDA church youth ministry may be behind the times by offering mock-high energy entertainment driven worship experiences as opposed to more raw natural bible truth. After 16 messages what else could Kim say? The point is our generation is left to finish the work – we must get a c t i v e.Shawn Boonstra came in and ditto’d that. Oh, but before that happened one neat ministry shared during the “Something’s Happening” segment was You can download complete books and listen along as you read through EGW’s work. Amazing. This is a branch of

Also, there is a Southwest mini-version of GYC. Their general event will take place September 4-7, 2009 with the theme “Watch and Pray.”

Ok, so back to Boonstra. I didn’t realize how funny the Canadian was until he spoke on Sunday. He began with Psalm 90:12 where it says “teach us to number our days.” Adam had no limit to his time, but sin changed everything – clock is ticking. Boonstra presented two questions: 1) What does it look like when you live your life well? and 2) Did my life put a smile on the face of God?

Boonstra suggested, “Our deepest need is to know our lives mean something.” His message is also on my top 3 list for GYC 2008. He orally depicted the ticking clock to the end by either death or the return of Jesus Christ. On that note, we were all moved to invest in something that counts – 2 Corinthians 5:9.

GYC is a movement. Enlist today at

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  • raman said:

    I am so pleased to see the facts on this site, I have bee Hindu all my life it is by the grace of God now I follow the truth…Jesus our personal savior. it is so have been blessed by the sites etc. I would highly recommend fellow SDA’s spl the youth to listen to the sermons on these sites, its pure word of God. Pls pray for New Bold Church. its divided and and there are 2 churches in thae same campus, 1) rock based worship 2) not teaching the truth.

    we are indeed living in end times. Toe mails of the statue in Danial.

    Let us all pray for the later day rain., that all the God’s people come in one accord and speak the word of God.

    God has sent us Prophets E G White. I am not ashamed to say she is the end time Prophetess!



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