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GYC: Day 4

Happy Sabbath! It was. Day 4 can be described as the most memorable and exciting day of GYC each year. It’s Sabbath! We kicked off the morning once again at 7AM with Justin Kim. His message was entitled “Beware.”

Kim shared with us that he attended a Roman Catholic high school, and once observed another student cleaning his room. The student was using a toothpick to clean the edge between the wall and the ceiling all around the room. Kim inquired and discovered the Jewish student was cleaning his room so thoroughly in preparation for Yom Kippur. One spec of dust/yeast could destroy the whole room.

Kim went on to distinguish Matthew 16:5 and Mark 8:14, and defined yeast as hypocrisy according to Luke 12:1. “Our generation has a sensitivity to two-facedness,” Kim remarked. Conservatives are often frowned upon because they impose high standards on others, which they don’t keep themselves. Kim urged us to not worry about being liberal or conservative, but to be centered like Jesus. “We need both justification and sanctification for glorification. Kim warned that we can’t just preach love and grace and leave out the truth. He called for a genuine matching of inside and outside character.

I really enjoyed a story Kim shared with us. He told of his pastor-initiation event. He was going to be tossed into a lake and when these big guys took hold of him, he knew he was going down. There was nothing he could do. But just as Herod’s pride lead him in to behead John the Baptist, Kim’s pride took hold of him. He realized there was no getting out of being tossed in the lake, so he decided to take as many down with him as possible. He reached out and gripped the guy’s shirt next to him and willed with all his might in his grip of pride not to let go. If he was going down, someone was going with him.

Kim quickly paralleled this to the situation Satan is in. Satan knows he’s going down, and his days are numbered. He wants us to go with him. Imagine the grip of an angel.

(I had left my notebook Sabbath morning, but the message hooked.)

Sabbath school was comprised of a panel discussion. It was quite interesting to hear biblical responses as opposed to “I think,” or “Maybe you should…” We then moved on to the divine service. Last year’s GYC in Minneapolis, GYC’s Vice President of Logistics woke up on Day 1 and found himself paralyzed. We prayed intently during that GYC for Allistair Huong, and our 2008 divine hour message was brought by Huong, Praise God! Quite fittingly, the message was entitled “The Paralysis Which Besets Us.” Huong shared his testimony in line with the paralytic in Luke 5:17. “Jesus wishes to heal spiritual paralysis.” This message was quite simple, but so relevant. Huong described my own sentiments in his definition of paralysis – wanting or trying to do something and not being able to do it. Are we spiritually paralyzed?

Huong posed the following three reasons why God’s people end up in a spiritual paralysis:

1) Lost sense of urgency

2) Blur line between social/religious issues

3) Division between denomination and the laity

The message urged us to discontinue thinking we are doing something, when really we aren’t. We must realize and take hold of our purpose to overcome paralysis. Huong ended with Hebrews 12:1-2, and reminded us that paralytics can’t run.

After church we had about 15 minutes to go grab lunch, and get in formation to load up 50 school busses. Every year on Sabbath afternoon, we head out into the city and local community to do outreach. This year we hosted a Health Expo and went out to knock on doors simultaneously. We were encouraged by the stories we heard from last year’s outreach in MN. I was glad we didn’t have to wander around in 2 feet of snow this year, but shared the same excitement about what we as an army of youth were about to do. Someone earlier in the day posed the question, “Could it be that Ellen G. White saw an army such as this?” We could be that army today, Sabbath, December 20, 2008 in San Jose, California.

On the bus we prayed, sang, and prepped for our experience. By the end of 2 hours we had filled 50 busses and actualized the following stats:

§ 23,865 doors knocked

§ 18,563 pieces of literature distributed

§ 6, 466 surveys conducted

§ 1, 311 bible study enrollments

Simply incredible. I can’t describe how excited I was to be a part of that effort.

We heard from the North American Division about the disappointing stats here in North America. The goal is to baptize 100,000 souls in 2009 – an impossible task. Visit for details on how you and your home church may get involved.

Randy Skeete joined us again Sabbath evening for “The 51st State.” He switched his sermon title on us. He spoke about joining God’s kingdom and adhering the heavenly constitution which governs earth as well. The qualification for becoming a citizen of the heavenly kingdom is obedience. Check it out here.

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