Messages from Young Adults

GYC Day 3

Friday morning of GYC was yet another great start to a full day. Starting with early morning devotion at 7:00am Steve Conway faced a crowd bright and early. His message was entitled Nothing Between and focused on the elements of forgiveness. Conway stressed the point that there is more to forgiveness than the removal of condemnation, “it’s also the exchange of qualities.” When Christ takes away the sin, He replaces it with His power.

At 9:30am, it was seminar time again. The choices were split across two morning sessions to end the week. One exceptional choice on the schedule featured Dr. Neil Nedley on Healing the Mind: Psychology and the Bible. Dr. Nedley was energetic and engaging Friday morning as he focused on Improving Emotional Intelligence. The session even ended with singing of an “Onward Christian Soldiers” parody.

Steve Kasperbauer from the island of Guam shared his conversion story during the noon hour. Kasperbauer is a successful business owner and struggled with the Sabbath. As a result of 9/11, the tourism industry in Guam suffered. He and his family joined the SDA church and Kasperbauer even in the midst of adverse business climate, decided to obey God’s law. He closed all operation of his business on the busiest day of the week. God blessed miraculously. For six months, it would rain on Sabbath and good weather would be on Sunday, meaning Kasperbauer’s business could continue to thrive. The business gained recognition as Kasperbauer’s commitment to God lead to a reputation as a trustworthy business owner whose “principles are worth more than money.”

Simply powerful. That’s the message over and over here at GYC, as testimonies continue to pour in. Did I mention there’s no entertainment at this conference? The word of God and the miracles He is working in real lives is more than enough to satisfy the attentiveness of young people from all different backgrounds. Well, the day didn’t end there. Pastor Shin was back to clear up the confusion on Romans 7 & 8, and what really is the relationship between faith and feeling. He left us with 3 points: 1) Give your will to Jesus, 2) Act before your emotion, 3) Think about heavenly things.

There’s so much more to these messages than a few paragraphs can quickly sum up with feeble fingers and mind. I would encourage you after GYC 2007 is over to check out the website for recordings and have a listen for yourself. God has something to say to those of us here at GYC, and those who have been tuning in via 3ABN. The conversation has been really great thus far, and though things are winding down here in Minneapolis the conversation should be marked on each of our hearts “To Be Continued.”

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