Messages from Young Adults

GYC Day 2

Yesterday a host of topics were on the menu for seminar sessions. Youth were crossing the large halls and were back on forth on the escalators shuffling from room to room. Some of the overlapping choices were painful like choosing between the “Getting Ready for Your Wedding Night” and “The Core Truths of the Sanctuary for All Generations” seminars. Either way by noon attendees had been blessed by quality time studying biblical principles.

It was then while most of the world ate lunch, that GYC participants found themselves feasting on spoken word presented by Andrea Oliver. Andrea has served GYC as its former president, and this is her last year serving as Executive Secretary. Her testimony during the plenary session was powerfully delivered as she poured out her frustration with the church as a college student at Princeton she shared, “Every man is a volume if you know how to read them; on the pages of many a volume are written the words ‘help me’”. Someone took the time to pray for Andrea during her struggle, even in the middle of the night when they could have rolled over and fell back asleep. But, “The thing we cannot do in heaven is lead people to Christ,” she continued.

But in order for us to lead others to Christ, we must first know Him for ourselves. In the evening and after a few more hours of seminars, we heard from Pastor David Shin. Pastor Shin’s message was entitled The Inner Life of Devotion. Pastor Shin suggested the love language of God would equate to quality time. Do we know Him? Does He know us? The quote everyone seemed to be rehearsing after the program was over was simply this: “Daniel would rather die than to miss his devotions.” Wow. As Pastor Shin called for an appeal, hundreds of young people joined him up front desiring to draw closer to the Lord and taking a stand to improve their devotional lives. One thing’s for sure, GYC attendees will think twice before hitting that snooze button this morning.

In the way of ministries, ASI Youth for Jesus, AFM, Operation Global Rain, and the new initiative iPreach were on stage yesterday. Pastor Shawn Boonstra will leading out in evangelistic training of young people interested in taking evangelism back to their local communities through the new iPreach program. 50 applicants will receive online training access, personal mentors, and financial support in leading out their own evangelistic series in their hometowns all across North America. It’s amazing to hear all the great things happening across the globe and young people right here at GYC have an incredible opportunity to rub shoulders with great mentors and peers sharing this same passion for the Gospel Commission.

7 sermons later, everyone went home without an empty stomach.