Messages from Young Adults

GYC Day 1

Hundreds of Seventh-day Adventist young people took Minneapolis by storm yesterday, seeking an experience to really be transformed. That is the theme for this year’s Generation of Youth for Christ conference simply titled “Be”: Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind from Romans 12:2. Attendees from all over North America and across the globe joined together in downtown Minneapolis. A walk down the snow covered streets was enough to let you feel the Adventist spirit amidst the holiday cheer. Directions to vegetarian-friendly eateries, and young people armed with Bibles were enough to show that this isn’t just any youth gathering. The caliber of youth resting here in Minneapolis just for the next few days is one of genuine Christianity. Rather than talking the talk as they say, this conference is about walking the walk.

Last night, Israel Ramos gave his final keynote address as GYC President. Justin McNeilus who currently serves as the VP of Evangelism will assume the role. The heart of Israel’s message focused on the point that identity determines destiny. His 3 secrets when considering identity are 1) remembering your past, 2) keeping in mind the present, and 3) that your future depends on the present. The message went on to discuss the difference between one who fishes and a fisher. Finally, like Paul in Romans 12:1 Ramos urged the audience crowd to take hold of the theme for this event, “Unless we are transformed, you and I are being conformed.”

It was also announced last night that GYC will no longer be just an annual event. Mark Finley will be offering an intensive training program in Orlando, Florida on July 2-6, 2008 as a part of GYC’s passion for lost souls. Share Him was also on stage last night discussing how anyone can preach and several youth shared their own testimonies about how God has used this organization to change lives and in the process transform each individual participant.

Now this may be old news to former attendees, but for first timers – the rest of this week promises to be a unique spiritual boost. There are 17 seminar topics featuring speakers such as Stephen Bohr, Nyse Collins, Eugene Prewitt, Mark Finely and plenty more. The topics range from Extreme Missions: Taking the Gospel to New Frontiers, to Happily Ever After: Finding True Love, God’s Way. Not only will attendees have opportunities to attend seminars but several Networking Sessions are being held as well. Whether you are a Young Professional or Public University Student there are forums designed to introduce like minds. This full-packed conference is just getting started! Much prayer is needed for energy to survive the intense schedule, that lives will be changed, and for traveling mercies as more guests continue to arrive.

If you’d like to tune in to what’s going on live from your home, you might be able to catch the main sessions on 3ABN each evening for the live broadcast (7:00PM CST, and Sabbath 11:00AM CST). And next year, don’t miss out on the action when GYC heads to San Jose, California “For This Purpose” December 17-21, 2008.