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GYC 2011: Day 4

“. . . for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and there are many who go in by it.” – Matthew 7:13

It was like the scripture came to life as we exited the convention center and walked down Avenida de las America. The sidewalks were brimming with people on both sides of the crowded street. On one side those of us leaving the evening devotional session, the other a citywide party to bring in the new year.

It seemed the avenue paved a line of demarcation between us.  The Sabbath was long over, but the New Year’s Eve celebrations were just beginning. Two separate venues, hosted by two separate masters.  GYC attendees were headed to pray in the ballrooms from 10pm-12am, an event hosted by our Lord and Savior.  Houstonians were ready to party it up and drink in the new year decked out with LED lights in a fatal attempt to brighten the master of darkness. Our Light shined in our hearts, when earlier that evening attendees crossed the avenue and handed out GLOW tracts.

And speaking of outreach, I should share with you the results from Friday’s outreach. In just a few hours, 2,750 GYC attendees visited 23,626 homes, prayed with 2,300 people, and 2,016 homes requested bible study. Praise God!

On Friday, there were some who couldn’t fit on the buses, so they decided to walk around the area and talk to people on the streets of downtown. One particular story ended with a Metro city bus driver hopping off the bus and approaching the GYC attendees with this question: “What can I do to be saved?”.  Everyone waited on the bus, while the driver got a quick bible study. So many miracles to share.

So about Sabbath at GYC…

Of course we had morning worship, then Sabbath School, and Dwight Nelson brought the message for Divine Worship. We ended the service answering an appeal to be wall-breakers, not wall-makers. “The enemy of darkness wants to keep the walls up,” Nelson preached, but we must tear down barriers such as racial division before we can expect the outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon this church.  You can listen for yourself now, so I won’t spoil the rest of the message. Check out the recordings online at the GYC website.

Sabbath afternoon we participated in totalCHURCH breakout groups. These sessions covered topics surrounding the church life including meeting physical needs, planning spirit-filled worship services, effective evangelism in small groups, etc. I attended Ron Clouzet’s “Apostles’ Teaching” on discerning and dealing with error and false doctrine.

DeVasher’s evening worship message was one that really hit home, “Respectable Conventionality.” The message centered around James 4:17, “Therefore, to him who knows to do good and does not do it, to him it is sin.” DeVasher emphasized Ellen White’s guidance that practical work will have a far greater effect than merely preaching. Over the background noise of booming speakers play outside, DeVasher boldly called us out. Those of us living the conventional life need to strive for more than just a spouse, house, kids & grand-kids. We must realize that the world needs more than a proclamation, the world needs a revelation. We need to meet real people’s real needs.

As I glanced across the street at my 150,000 neighbors partying it up, I thought about heaven and wondered how many are waiting on me to cross the street to share a real piece of heaven on earth.

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  • Lionel said:

    Amen! Janice, you really grabbed GYC and placed it here on these blogs for those that missed out. However, I pray that they realize that they can take part in GYC by “Do-ing” something for Jesus!


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