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GYC 2011: Day 3

Today was all about outreach. Putting into action our profession of faith. We literally spread across the Houston-area and knocked on thousands of doors this afternoon.  Before I tell you more, let’s back up to Module 3: The Practice.

My friend and I ended up in Doug Bachelor’s session after she shared with me she was ashamed to not ever have heard of Bachelor when a non-SDA friend approached her with one of his DVDs. So we spent a few minutes in that seminar covering again characteristics of the Holy Spirit. Then we headed over to another session entitled “Teach Us to Pray – The Model for Prayer” by Jorge Baute. This was her first day ever to attend a GYC conference, so she had to get a taste of how the different presenters worked.

I was once again encouraged by the divine message poured out this morning. Practical guidance on The Sanctuary Prayer model was so enlightening. We picked up quick nuggets of gold, learning how the sanctuary represents so clearly how we are guided to the most intimate prayers with God.  Here’s how it flows:

1) Enter with praise – Psalm 100; Luke 10:21
2) Confession – 1 John 1:8,9; Romans 10:9, 2 Timothy 2:19
3) Recommit my life to God – Psalm 51:10
4) Baptism of the Holy Spirit – Luke 11:13; Galatians 5:22-25
5) Strength for the day – John 6:32-33; Romans 13:12-14; Put on the whole armor of God – Ephesians 6:10-18
6) Intercession – Philippians 1:3,4; Romans 1:9,10
7) Intimate communion with Jesus – Psalm 16:8, 11. Enter into the heavenly sanctuary with Christ. Hebrews 10:19, 20

“At the sound of fervent prayer, Satan’s whole host trembles.” (1T, p.346)

Of all the quotations, this was my favorite this morning at Module 3. You see, when I think about what my full-time occupation has been these past few days, and when I consider the thousands of young people assembled in downtown Houston – I can barely fathom the amount of trembling going on right now. Satan’s whole host trembles.  Whether the Sanctuary model or The Lord’s Prayer, just communing with Him in ceaseless prayer trips up the devil. Powerful.

The plenary sessions take place just before lunch, and you’d think by this time our tummies growling might deafen our ears. This is not the case.  Jan-Harry Cabungcal describes himself as a neuroscientist who believes in the 6 literal days of Creation.  He shared his personal testimony and the amazing work taking place through Europe 4 Jesus during today’s Plenary session. Cabungcal’s message today once again urged us to respond to the cry of the lost.  They have an equal right to the knowledge and hope we know.

Ok, so back to outreach/evangelism day.  We had a quick bite to eat, and then it was finally time to line up and depart on one of 55 buses.  A small group of youth from my local church and I loaded up on a bus.  We were headed to Brazoria County, that is ccounty number one on the list for highest suicide rates in the state of Texas.  We prayed and thanked God for using us to plant these first seeds in a place full of despair.  And just like that, we were dropped off  on a neighborhood street corner in the middle of this country town Alvin, TX.  We had materials to distribute and people to pray for and with.

Just the thought of this experience is uncomfortable for most. Yet the Holy Spirit’s leading during this simple exercise is critical and overwhelmingly visible when present. For instance, we knocked on one door and the same message of GYC 2011 rang boldly from the lips of a complete stranger. The first guy we prayed with encouraged us, “The filling of the Holy Spirit is key.”  Then he hopped on his bicycle and rode away.

There are people waiting for someone to come. Others are living in a really dark dark place, and need our prayers – even when they reject them. Between puffs of cigarette smoke, one guy told us every time he goes to church someone dies. Bible study and church just aren’t his style. We left materials with him anyway, and paused on his sidewalk to pray just for him. Planting the seed in Alvin, TX where there’s currently no established English-speaking Seventh-day Adventist Church was yet another divine appointment completed at GYC 2011.

We returned to downtown Houston singing songs of praise on the bus, sharing testimonies from our experience and bonded closer with our peers and Maker. I was happy to hear one young lady from my home church say, “We have to make it to Seattle next year” (GYC 2012 will take place in Seattle, WA).  This is why GYC is more than a department nestled within a bureaucratic administration, and truly a movement. GYC demands young people (and old) to – get to work!

The night ended by “Killing the Fat King.”  Kameron DeVasher was back with an incredible twist on the story of Ehud in Judges 3. “We need more Ehuds,” DeVasher pleaded. Too often we continue paying taxes to the fat king of sin. Tonight we left beginning a tax revolt, one by one dropping in surrender to God and letting go of those sins we like to hate and hate to like. Just as Ehud had a message from the Lord in a sword which slain King Eglon, we must take up our bible and use it as a sword to defeat the enemy.

“Comfort and convenience are not the primary objectives of this conference due to its intense nature.” – GYC Program: General, p. 5

Today we sweat a little inwardly and outwardly – for the Gospel.

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