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GYC 2009: The Wrap-up


Though GYC ended on Sunday it takes a while to recover from all the the miles (and snow) that we had to cross to get back home. I am so glad however that I was able to experience this amazing conference. It is good to know that there are so many young people across North America and the world committed to living lives sold-out for Christ.

Sunday as we wrapped up, Brother Braxton gave his last emotional message, which asked the question “Is it in your heart,” – was the cause of Christ, the desire to finish the work of the gospel truly in our hearts as it was in the hearts of the many who have gone before us. It is something we all should think about.

I had to rush out to make it back to T-dot (Toronto) about that time, but from what I saw, the final dedication service saw the introduction of the new GYC team for the next two years. To see the list visit HERE. If you’ve been keeping alert you might recognize a few names.

The final message to attendees was presented by Chester Clark III and entitled “Which Cloud are you in?” Based on the Hebrews 12:1 text, he encouraged us to know the cloud of witnesses that was surrounding us. We were challenged to make sure that our lives, both on the inside as well as the outside, reflect the Christ that we serve. You can see his message in full HERE.

To watch most of the main sessions from GYC visit USTREAM here.

You can listen to and download any of the many seminars and some of the plenary sessions at AUDIOVERSE. They are listed by date for your convenience.

If you want to purchase DVDs of the main sessions you can do so from Pan De Vida Productions.

Finally, GYC 2010 is already in the planning stages. It will be held in Baltimore, Maryland from December 29 – January 2, under the theme “No Turning Back.” God’s willing, I hope to be there. I hope to see you too!

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