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God Provides @ Café Renewal


After a shopping spree at IKEA, we had the decoration works to recreate the ambiance of Café Renewal, Houston style. Last night we were up late converting the Houston International SDA fellowship hall into a cozy haven where young adults could join in music, munchies, and worship. So tonight when at 7:20pm, 10 minutes before Café Renewal was set to open, we were wondering where our food and band were…things looked grim.

We pulled up around a few tables and started singing. We didn’t need instruments. A new friend had joined us with a beautiful voice, and then another offered a solo. About 2/3 of the way through the evening our snacks showed up. And over the course of the evening, people would wander in. Until what do you know, I was wondering at the Master’s design. When things don’t go according to our plans, His plan always blows us away. By the end of the evening we had another handful of new names to add to our list and had secured a location for next month’s Café Renewal – mobile edition.

Tonight we talked about the experience, the practical experience of being on a secular campus and being true to our faith. It was interesting to hear the different stories and examples of encounters we’ve all had with other non-Adventists and believers of other faiths. The labels we get and the odd questions people ask are unique to each campus community, yet similar in so many ways.

That’s where ACF comes in. We are a family of fellow students and young adults living in a secular world, but not of it. We come together each month for renewal and to reconnect with like believers. Whether you want to know how to respond to, “Are you Jewish?” or if you really just want to sniff the candle scents and pray in silence, this café is the new spot in town. Every 2nd Friday. Watch for the location – He’s mobile.



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