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God’s Nature: The Basis of Atonement

One common characteristic of human beings on this planet earth is the natural instinct of survival. There are many reasons to understand and analyze this very essence of mankind. But the bottom line is that, Man always has the desire to live and prosper. Time has been a wonderful book to show us how mankind has prospered in regards to the kind of lifestyle we all have. Everything goes back to a very important concept – The concept of creation. Well that sounds very familiar, isn’t it? That’s because we human beings were once created by an Almighty God, the God of the heavens and the earth.

Scientists are people who constantly work on trying to create and invent something new and they are always so attached to their creation regardless of the end result or product. When they start working on their creation, they plan everything from the tiny materials that constitute a part of the creation to the most important material without which nothing can be created. When it’s time for that grand finale of letting their handy creation come to life, the joy and anticipation that they feel within themselves is like a lightning striking through their eyes, their blood gushing so vigorously like a waterfall, a huge atomic explosion in their brain, it’s a kind of feel that they love to have, all because of one simple reason, for they were going to witness their wonderfully crafted and uniquely made creation come to life. Well unfortunately not every scientist’s creation has always been successful at the end. Some of the creations have been successful and some an utter disaster. But just because the end result was not something the scientists expected, they don’t get rid of their creation, they love it so much that they work on it over and over, just to find that glitch that caused the failure and try their best to fix it to recreate it as a new creation. Now that should ring a bell in our minds.

We have a God who is kind of like the scientists except that; our GOD is the creator of all things including those scientists, you and me. “I am the Alpha and the Omega, says the Lord God, who is and who was and who is to come, the Almighty.”(Revelation 1:8). There are 2 important lessons we can learn from this short description about scientists for the first lesson study of this quarter.

The word of God says “I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made, Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well(Psalm 100:3) Our God did not just create us with such care and love, but He also mourns every time He sees one of His creations go astray due to sin. God portrayed His love for us in a way that no human being can fully understand. The whole concept of atonement is around this very concept of selfless love that He has for us. A scientist will not lay his son’s life at stake for a mere creation experiment, but on the other hand, our God paid the ultimate price of His son Jesus Christ for that very love He has for us, the same love with which He created us, the very same love with which He is always willing to forgive us of all our sins and with that same love, He is waiting to recreate us, fix that glitch of sin, rejuvenate our exhausted spirits, renew our soul with His strength and reform us with His character.

This very nature of God is what atonement is all about, in simple words – “He loved sinners like us enough, that He paid the ultimate price and yet doesn’t expect a lot from us, except just plain sincere love in return”

Are you willing to love your God with all you heart in return for the love He showed us?

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