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GC Session: Grace Notes

If I could sum it up succinctly I would say

Generations and nations gathered together in fellowship

Now I have to admit that brevity is not a virtue I possess so I will try and sum it up in short Grace Notes.

The theme of the 59th General Conference Session is Proclaiming His Grace.

Black, white, Hispanic, Asian, old, young, suspenders, suits, ties, long skirts, short skirts, curly hair, you name it. Adventists from all over the globe have descended upon Atlanta in the thousands and each day get a glimpse of places they will never visit and people they have never dreamed to meet.

Last Saturday vespers were given by Dennis Meier, a German pastor with a ponytail  (wink wink) and one of the most memorable things he said was in order to proclaim grace we must first see it.  I have to admit that sometimes i get so busy planning and doing God’s  work that I fail to see His grace and instead focus on the blunders and sins of others.

Like any of the other General Conference Session there were minor conflicts and issues that have arisen but through it all God continues to lead His church.

So please deal with the typos  and lack of punctuation (i’m typing this all on my tiny iPod screen) and experience His  Grace at our General Conference Session in Atlanta

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