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GC Session: Grace Notes #3 – Royalty Never Retires

“I’m retiring this year” says my dad.

“What!!! A prince never retires prince Joe” said  Pastor Dwight Nelson (Senior Pastor of Pioneer Memorial Church at Andrews University)


Once more I’m waylaid for the umpteenth time by another person that my father HAS to greet at the session. Seriously, how are we supposed to get good seats for the Heritage Singers concert if my father is determined to reconnect with every former classmate and colleague that he has met and served with over the last 40 years of ministry.

I had it all planned out.

1. Find the parents at 2pm
2. Make our way to the auditorium for 3pm so that we can get good seats
But here we are at 3:31pm and he is talking to Pastor Nelson a former classmate from the Andrews days.


img_4740I have this huge crush on Pastor Dwight. Having lived on the campus of Andrews University for over a third of my life, I have spent countless hours listening to his sermons. Even though I’ve been away for the last 6 years I still find myself subscribed to his Podcast just so I can stay up to date. It’s the way he says what he says. His ability to fuse current day events and impact each generations that comes through the halls. I could go on and on but yeah, lets just say that I am a DKN groupie.

So yeah, I’m mentally salivating. I’m about 5 feet from his brain and it’s like wowwwwwwwwwwwwww. 5 feet from the hands that he runs through his now silver hair :)

Anywayzzzzzzzzzzzzz I’m on a mission so I touch my dad’s sleeve one more time in an effort to halt the reunion and then he says to Pastor Dwight.
“I’m retiring this year.”
“What! A prince never retires prince Joe says Dwight (my dad is related to the Oba (King) of Mobaland in Nigeria).

They laugh say their farewells and we continue on our journey.

Fast-forward two hours and here I sit in the balcony of the auditorium squinting in an effort to see Max and the rest of the Heritage Singers crew when it hits me.

Grace moment #3…
A prince never retires
We are heirs of the kingdom. Joint heirs with Christ, Paul says in one of his epistles – so we don’t retire. We will get tired, cry, take time off, regroup but we press on through each struggle and each trial because we know that the affliction of this world is temporal in comparison to the eternal peace that awaits us in Heaven.  So this goes out to every prince and princess of the kingdom – press on y’all (said with my Texas twang).

We are not slaves or servants, but friends of God. We have been given an inside track as Christ says in John 15:15 to know what the Father is doing. The world at large may guess and wonder, but we know how the story ends. In those difficult moments when life ceases to make sense we trust in His promise that we are heirs, a royal priesthood of a eternal kingdom.

So let’s live like it.

Let’s act like it. So that they world will see, ask and then we will proclaim the love of our Father.

The picture above shows them waving to my mom and sister who are up the escalator
The picture to my left shows my Pastor Dwight bowing in the customary greeting given to royalty to my dad who is wearing a  golden fila (hat)img_4738.

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