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GC Session: Grace Notes #1 – Singing His Love with our Lives

Tired, sweaty and in a hurry.

Working on only two hours of sleep because we drove all night to get to Atlanta I was just trying to pick  up tickets for the Heritage Singers 40th anniversary when I stumbled  upon a familiar tune.  The language I couldn’t determine, but I picked up my pace anyway until I was standing in front of the Hopetv booth staring at these four  beautiful men singing Gaither Vocal Band’s A Sinner Saved by Grace. I joined in silently singing the English version and watched the faces of  countless others as they also sang the refrain.  “…loved and forgiving backed with a living I’m just a sinner
Saved by grace,”
in their various languages.


But I’m on a mission so as soon as the song ends I leave the booth in  search of Heritage singer’s booth. I find it,  pick up my tickets, try and  make a beeline for the exhibit exit and that’s when I heard  “You’ve got to do right ooh give the light” by a very very deep voice, thinking it is the cute Argentinian quartet I rush back  there with my sister but it isn’t them.  My sister is convinced it is this west Africa group because of  how the bass is being sang, the second tenor is soo on point that I have to agree. We follow the sound now brisk walking (i mean running) and then I bump into a helper Adra booth who is also singing  “you’ve got to do right ooh give a light,” he smiles, I laugh and then decide that slowing down might prove beneficial in the crowded arena.

I arrive at the Adventist Mission stand and I’m dumbfounded it isn’t  the 7 ambassadors from the west African countries of Nigerian and Cameroon, neither is it the Argentinian quartet. It is 5 guys from South Korea jamming away and rocking out this popular acappella tune.
As I creep up to the front and start to take pictures, the feeling wells inside me. Grace. We are all connected by this song I wonder what  would  be the effect if we were connected by His love.  In less than ten  minutes I had encountered people singing two songs in three different  languages and the singers spanned five different countries Argentina, Nigeria, South Korea,  Jamaica and the USA. As I listened to the quartet from South Korea I prayed, Lord help us so that we not only sing the same songs but we have the same effect.  Lord wherever we all go let all those around us know that we are  Christians by our actions let our love shine through so that they may  see you.

His love unites so embrace it and proclaim His grace.

P.S. I don’t know the names of the groups because I was in a hurry, but if you do let me know because I really need to get their CDs.

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