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The Invisible Mask – Really?

A mask is defined as “a covering for all or part of the face, worn to conceal one’s identity” (Source – All Time famous We all love our faces or to make it more specific and relative to this blog, I would say we love our identity and it’s reflection in the society we live in. From the time we realize and know what is going on around us, right from our childhood days, we all in some way have shaped our identity in some form or the other. Then as days and years have rolled by, we have been adapting or trying to adapt ourselves to the different changes that have influenced a makeover to our identity, all because of the situations and environment we put ourselves in.

Then one day all of a sudden, we meet our wonderful Lord and Savior Jesus Christ which is all good, but then it hits us. It is time to have a complete new make over, a change that we never anticipated, a new feel that we never felt, an interesting face off process which we would have never imagined, a new identity which for sure we know is going to be a difficult one to get used to, all these things to go through because of that one person whom we fell in love with. Now that sounds challenging.

Friends, that’s where begins the whole ordeal of us Christians trying to make the decision of keeping our old identity that the world gave us for a limited time and gain nothing, or make the wise choice of choosing Jesus Christ’s identity for life time and gain everything. It definitely sounds nice to choose the identity of Christ with all the good things it has to offer, but wait a second, that is going to mean, that we need to give up the identity of our lifetime, the one that we have nourished and cherished so far. The identity that our friends and loved ones recognize us with, the identity that is welcomed everywhere and that which lets us do anything and everything we want, ouch now that hurts.

We humans are pretty smart people, at least within the boundaries of this earth (Ya, right!), but that’s what we consider ourselves. Bingo got an idea, to resolve this issue of multiple identities, enjoy everything that world has to offer and still gain everything that God has to offer. How about we have a MASK, so in that way, we can use that to cover our real identity to God and take it off when we go to see Him once in a while. (Hopefully). I guess that should take care of the issue.

Friends, that is exactly what we all do most of the time. We try to wear a mask to suit ourselves and feel welcomed in the society today, just to fit in and feel comfortable among our family and friends. We assume that we can wear that invisible mask that God cannot see and fulfill all our desires and pleasures of the world.

Just like in the picture of this article, we might imagine and conclude that our faces are invisible because of the invisible mask we wear, but God’s eyes are like the mirror that can see our true identity even behind the invisible mask.

Let us STOP! Trying to wear the invisible mask that the world is offering us, cheating our family members and friends of our true identity, being literal hypocrites. Because we can do all that we want, but we can never ever cover or hide our true identity from God.

The Invisible Mask – Not really.

Photo : Kaptain Kobold

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