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Day 3: Last minute Abraham

They gave it their best shot and lost.

4 – 3 that was the score after 120+ grueling minutes on the soccer field against the US team.
Playing the bronze medal match they found themselves in a familiar position, playing against a team that had previously beaten them at the World Cup in 2011. THE FRENCH. The score was 4 – 0  back then. OUCH.
For 90 minutes they played, neither side scoring a goal and then when it seemed like all hope was lost in the last minute, they scored.
This is the first time that Canada has won an Olympic medal in soccer EVER.
What is it about last minute miracles that thrills the soul.
Abraham was 100 years old, his wife had put in 90 minutes, I mean years and yet, when God told them in Gen. 18, your wife will have a son by this time next year. Now this wasn’t an immaculate conception, so Abraham had a part to play. He could have chosen to complain and reflect on the 50 years of barren sex, but he didn’t,
and we all know the rest of the story.
It is hard to get back in the game after a loss, don’t let anyone convince otherwise. One of the most frustrating things in life is disappointment after given it your best shot. So the next time you find yourself, counting hours, or years remember that …..
An Olympian is one who accepts defeat and tries again
An Olympian is one who recognizes that as long as you have breathe, it ain’t over. 

Abraham is an Olympian

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