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Café Renewal Unites College Mascots


The theme for the weekend was “A Community to Each Other” and that’s just what we were. This was one of the few places in Texas you could find a Longhorn, an Aggie, and a Baylor Bear all laughing without any lip. The biochemists would share their experiences with the up and coming biologists, while the mechanical engineers and future lawyer exchanged ideas about what’s going on with Adventist college students at secular institutions.

Driving in circles in the dark, we finally decided to call the number on the brochure to get directions. This past weekend Adventist Christian Fellowship (ACF) and the Texas Conference put on a Young Adult weekend in College Station. While the location was easy to miss in the dark, once you arrived you immediately knew this was a weekend no one should have missed. The presence of God within the college students from around the state resonated throughout each interaction.

We walked in to see a spread including hot chocolate, teas of all kinds, and sweet late night treats. After grabbing some things to sip and munch, we walked inside to Café Renewal. No need to describe the scenery…the name says it all. There were small tables for groups to congregate and chat over scented candlelit arrangements. On stage was Elia King playing his guitar and singing worship songs. After introducing ourselves to some of the other students, Pastor Lane Campbell spoke on the essence of time and how we should seriously consider what we do with each passing second, minute, hour, day. There was more music, prayer, and poetry before we all said goodnight.

Sabbath was more of the same. Pastor Cork shared the history, the present, and what’s to come in the way of young adult ministries such as ACF. We have this open mission field that’s been ignored even though back in 1895 E.G. White cautiously encouraged us to go out and help secular academic communities find their way to the cross. Well, we’ve finally got the message and you won’t want to miss the opportunity to utilize the resources the church has to offer.

It’s all about linking up with other Adventists wherever your campus may be, and establishing a presence right in the midst of what can be a very lonely dorm, classroom, or cafeteria. What I kept thinking this weekend was, “I wish more of us would take advantage of what’s already available.” This weekend was a great time, and it wasn’t just a program thrown together in a few minutes…the stage was set, the offer was made, and I’m looking forward to see what happens when we accept.

Next month, ACF Houston meets at West Houston SDA Church. Don’t be marked absent.


  • Debbie said:

    Hi Janice,

    Could you contact me about a writing opportunity for the Insight Youth Resource Magazine. It’s a companion magazine with the Insight Magazine. The churches recieve copies of this magazine for the youth leaders. The magazine is like a resource jam-packed with ideas for youth leaders to teach their youth, lead them in outreach, socials, AYS, and gives creative ideas for teaching the lesson each weekend. I got your information from Lane Campbell–we worked together at Southwestern. I’ll look forward to hearing from you soon.

    God bless,
    Debbie Sasser