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Kijana Knight is a Houston native now living in Austin, TX. She recently transitioned from years as a software engineer to focus on improving user interfaces in applications. She is very active in her church (the Austin First SDA Church) as a YA leader, music ministry team member, pianist, and the choir leader. She enjoys studying the Bible and discovering new things about her faith with other people. In her spare time, she plays music (piano and flute), goes hiking, reads, sharpens her photography skills, and takes on more artsy-craftsy projects than she can handle. She loves the Lord and wants to be more active in various ministries. She actually is starting to feel a slight tug towards a life in the mission field (a tug she prays will intensify!). Her favorite verse is Isaiah 41:10. Kijana holds a BS in computer science from Rice University and a MS in information studies from UT at Austin.
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