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Are You Blessed?

Jesus Saves


I wonder what the disciples’ parents thought when they decided to follow Jesus. When they decided to leave all they had and follow this Teacher. Matthew was a tax collector. He was making good money. A few of the others were fishermen, at least they had a living. Now, they were just going to be vagabonds. Traveling from one place to another as their Teacher preached, taught, and healed. Did the disciples’ parents ever think, “Wow. What happened to my child? He was supposed to be successful. He was at least supposed to have a family and an actual job because that’s what you’re supposed to do.”

            If Jesus were living on earth today and this was His first coming, would you be willing to follow Him when He called? Are you willing to follow Him now when He calls? I wonder if we have gotten so inundated with the daily grind, that we just assume life is supposed to be a certain way. Have we declared that the life we want is God’s will? We hear pastors, even secular teachers say, “It’s not about the money, or the car, or the house. It’s about being happy.” Do we really believe that? Are we really willing to forgo a $90,000 job to be a missionary in the poorest places on earth? Are our families willing to let us go down that road? It’s something to think about. We often talk about people who gave their lives for Christ. We respect them. We even talk about them in church. But are we willing to ever do that if we were called to?

            So who is blessed? Often, we think that blessings only come in material form. If we see someone “successful” meaning they have a good job, seemingly happy family, nice car, and a beautiful house, we say, “God has really blessed them.” Granted, that may surely be the blessings of God pouring down on them, but the absence of those things does not mean God is not blessing. What about the person who hasn’t found a job for 3 months and is been rejected time after time? Do we automatically assume God is not blessing them because they don’t have a job?! Absolutely not! Is not salvation the most important possession? If that is yours, everything else pales in comparison. If that person has an intimate relationship with Jesus, they are better off than one who is wealthy and not intimate with Jesus.

            Friend, I don’t know where you are in your life. However, it’s important for everyone to truly commune with God daily. Sure, we can fashion, mold, and plan our lives, but are we going where God wants us to go? It’s a difficult question. I want you to think about what you are willing to give up if God were to call you into a job such as missionary work. The answer should be ‘all’.

 I leave you with this question. Were the disciples blessed? While Jesus was on earth they lived from day to day. When He left, they were not much better off. They were tortured, exiled, even killed! Yet, we sit in our pews and learn about these men without ever thinking that what was asked of them is asked of us. “Give your all to God.” Should we not think the same way? We live and breathe for our Creator. We live and breathe for His glory. The beatitudes never called blessed one who had the things we now attribute to the “blessed”. Read them over in Matthew 5. What Jesus calls blessed is a far cry from what we often call blessed. Then ask yourself this question, “Are you blessed?” If you have Jesus, my friend, YOU ARE BLESSED!



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