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Are you a doer or just a not-doer?

The nation is in a recession.


The nation is at the beginning of a recession.


Actually the country is just experiencing a brief re-alignment of the credit industry and this has a slight minute effective on the national economy but rest easy because it is only for a short while.

It really doesn’t matter who you ask in the United States, the phraseology might differ, some might have a more pessimistic view than others but we all agree that the economic cup is definitely NOT full.

This generation has never experienced a long economic draught. The word recession doesn’t conjure negative memories. We read about the crash of the stock market back in the 20s, the frugality of the 30s and the scarcity that the war in the 40’s created but that is just history to us. Something in a textbook. The baby-boomers are just grandparents who bake cookies and tell us stories. Our parents were born when credit cards were being ushered in and we are the generation of plastic. School loans, car loans, charge cards are words that are familiar to us. The idea of actually saving money in order to purchase something is foreign to us. When we want it we get it and then think of ways to pay for it later. Back in the day, people saved money by putting it aside for a rainy day but our idea of saving money is not spending money we do not have. It seems like we don’t save we just not spend.

Are you lost?

We pat ourselves on the back when we don’t use our charge cards to buy a pair of shoes.

We boast on how we negotiated the APR on our credit cards.

We are so proud of not spending money we do not have.

We save by not spending, we believe this is saving, not spending money we do not have.

Are you a saver or a not-spender?

The way we approach Christ is no different

We don’t act we just not-act

We believe not acting is acting

We believe not doing is doing.

Are you lost?

We pat ourselves on the back for not smoking or drinking or being promiscuous

We boast on how we refrained from cursing out a person

We are proud of not saying things

We are Christians by not acting, we believe this is Christianity, not doing a certain list of things.

The 1st century disciples were different, they seemed to have the ability to not only not-do certain things but also do things for the gospel. 21st century Christians must realize that not smoking, drinking, having sex, cursing is not going to spread the gospel. Yes it is important that our lives reflect the message we seek to spread but at some point in time we actually have to go out there and spread the word.

So is your life characterized by what you don’t do for the devil or is it defined by what you do do for Christ?

Are you a doer or just a not-doer?


  • Janice A. Becca said:

    Welcome Kemi Ola (a fellow doer) to the blog!

  • Herb Douglass said:

    Not often do I get a surprise thrill in reading some of the tsunami that engulfs me daily. This essay is classic stuff and should be seen often just as it is. Not-acting is a decision just as much as “acting.” It is a decision we face as soon as our eyes open in the morning. The wisdom and power of the Holy Spirit is our only support to make the right decision when we teeter on the act or non-act. Thanks. Herb Douglass

  • Kamberley said:

    Cool! That’s a clever way of looking at it!


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