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An Affair

I am having an affair.
It all started with a kiss, actually, I think it began with a look. You know the look, it always starts off as a glance but then your eyes return to his face and the glance becomes a look that scrutinizes every single body part. So yeah, it started with a look and then a giggle and before you know we are exchanging numbers and agreeing to rendezvous at the local Motel 6.
It was supposed to be one night, just to satisfy my curiosity. I just needed to get it over with and get him out of my system that is why I agreed to meet him (right?) but now every night we are together. Tossing, turning, ruffling the sheets, Mercy! We have managed to set new world records that cannot be shared on a blog as pristine as this one.
A slippery slope.
A slow fade.
Call it what you want but I am now in over my head and not entirely sure how to get out.
Last night, my lover came to my home and told my husband the truth. Heartbreak written all over his face I begged him to stay and told him that he is my choice. As he closed the front door he said “You are lying with your choice.” OUCH!!!
Sound familiar?
I am cheating on Sleep with Insomnia, stolen moments of worry, sweet kisses of fear now plague mii. And it all began with that first glance, first dip into the pool of worry. You know what I am talking about,
How am I going to pay for school in 2010?
Who am I going to marry?
Which jungle is most inhabitable during the time of tribulation?
What color should I paint the porch of the house I haven’t bought yet?
and before you know it Sleep is moving out and Insomnia is moving in.
We tell ourselves just one session of worry is all I need to get my fear and anxiety out of my system.
I just need to run down the checklist (ONCE) of all the things I can’t do but want to obsess about.

So this month ends and another begins ask yourself, what have I glanced at and am now looking at and contemplating kissing?

Remember my affair with Insomnia began with one look, one nagging worry and now I can’t sleep at night.

People who don’t know God and the way he works fuss over these things, but you know both God and how he works. Steep your life in God-reality, God-initiative, God-provisions. Don’t worry about missing out. You’ll find all your everyday human concerns will be met. Matthew 6:32-33 (Message)

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  • Ivy said:

    Wow!! I envy you for not sleeping. I need it cause I’m studying medicine. It requires me whole night awake for me to study those tons of books. However, when I think of not sleeping, the more my eyes go weary. So again,I easily sleep. But what I learned is to put my trust on God. No matter how hard I try to study everything but, I am not superman to cover it all. But I have a God who will make it happen for me. So everytime i need to be awake, I just ask God to give me understanding, knowledge and His divine power that I may be able to all things in accordance to His will. I dont worry cause i know my Lord will help me. Same as with you!!! Don’t worry!

  • Mithun said:

    I can sympathize with the insomnia…but I think mine is more medical. However, your worry is something I can’t sympathize with. Sure, I worry sometimes, but not in the same way and to the same extent that you and others have described.

    You see, I’ve recently figured that there are three types of people (maybe more, I don’t know): the worriers, the regretters, and the mopers. The worriers like you are stuck in the future, constantly planning and fixated about what’s going to happen, not spending time in the present or learning from the past. To y’all the Gospel promises the assurance of future glory and imminent peace given by a caring God.

    The mopers are a bit more rare. I haven’t encountered many, but their defect is their tendency to be mired in the present situation, forgetting triumphs past and ignoring future opportunities. Instead, they sit and mope, doing nothing. To them the Gospel presents peace and joy for today.

    I myself am a regretter. I learn from my past mistakes, but I also tend to dwell on them too long, constantly regretting every single action that wasn’t the best it could be. Stuck in guilt, I have a hard time moving forward and an insane fixation with making the most of every present and future moment, as to not regret again (listen to the lyrics of Matthew West for an insight into a regretter). To us, the Gospel promises the absolute forgiveness of past mistakes, and the assurance of a new start.

    In the end, no matter what you are, The Gospel stands as the Lord’s provision for your life.


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