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A Sexy Church

Confession: I’ve thought about sex in church. That’s the truth, about 2 years ago, i was sitting in the pew, and i had this mini fantasy about sex, while i was sitting four pews from the front of the church. I’m not talking about thinking how sex is bad and how i’ll never have it till i get married. Nooooo, i was sitting in church having a mini sexual fantasy. I’m not saying this to boast, it was definitely wrong. Here’s the point, if I, Miss Virgin-quoting-scripture-teaching-bible-study-first-to-get-to-church has to work at controlling sexual thoughts while SHE IS IN CHURCH (mercy), how hard it is for the rest of the nation (esp. those who watch Grey’s Anatomy)?

Great Sex God’s Way.

A couple of months ago I saw a headline of a Southern pastor causing a stir in Alabama for preaching about sex. For real, sex in the church, it seems just like yesterday that Ted Haggard was coming out of his meth and homosexual closest and all of a sudden the South has its panties in a bunch cuz a pastor is preaching about Great Sex God’s Way. I have to admit that my first response was to blog about it, which i did but it’s been four months since the controversy and I have to admit that I still don’t know if talking about sex in church is a bad thing. I have a premonition that this article is going to get pulled because i used the word more than 3 times but I have to give it a shot. I’m just wondering if the church is the Sanctuary and if back in the day the high priest could be struck dead for any unconfessed sin on the day of atonement, is it cool to come to church and hear a pastor preach about sex.

I have opinions and so do you on this issue, I’m just wondering. What Would Jesus Do and what do you think is right, from a biblical heavenly point of view.
So yeah, is it cool for pastors to talk about Sex in church, is it cool for them to have billboards saying Great Sex God’s Way? One pastor in Cali went so far as to tell married couples to have sex for seven straight days to save their marriage. This might seem extreme, but sex is everywhere, so how come we keep it out of church, do we really put on a different body when we walk into church, does our mind all of a sudden get sanitized?

This could just be a publicity stunt to get people to come out to church,
this is watering down our values and trying to make church seem like a place where people can bring their dirty laundry and get comfortable.
this is sin.
this is just the church finally dealing with issues that matter to the average human being with a pulse over the age of 12.
this is the mark of the beast
this are the false prophets talked about in Matt 24

Here’s the article

Here’s the church’s website

Here’s a video from part of the church service

i’m all ears

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  • Roshan said:

    Perhaps one way to approach the matter is to consider the practical side of the issue as well as the theological. In most churches I have attended, those who hear the sermon are of a variety of ages. While I agree that the issue of sexual relations needs to be addressed in an intentional and meaningful way, I also believe that the sensitive issues surrounding this topic should be discussed in appropriate forums. I do not believe that this means that the topic should never be addressed in a Sabbath morning service, but I do believe that many of the sensitive issues surrounding this topic would better be addressed in a different setting.

  • Oluwakemi (Author) said:

    @ Roshan hmmmm yeah i hear you on the practical level, talking about sex when a 7 year old is smacking on gum in the sanctuary would put the parent in a pickle, but what is the theological side????? I don’t see it.

  • Roshan said:

    I didn’t have any useful insights on the theological side. I read your article as raising a number of possible theological issues with discussing the matter in church. My comment was simply pointing out that even if you ignore the theological issues, the practical issues may weigh in favor of avoiding certain topics during the Sabbath moening sermon.

  • kemi said:

    ahhh i c, okay i understand,
    cuz i read it twice and was like okay maybe there is some deeper meaning
    but i get you now

    have a blessed day


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