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A Female’s Draft

Sabbath, June 13, 2009 women around the world emphasized Women’s Ministry Day in their local churches.  Of course you know what scripture was on the bulletin cover, “Reward her for all she has done.  Let her deeds publicly declare her praise” (Proverbs 31:31).  You might even suspect flowers, pink, pompoms, and maybe a sermon on the true elegance of graceful submission in the home – but at Houston International SDA Church, former ROTC staff sergeant prepped us for battle.

And blue isn’t just for boys – the ladies all dressed in various shades of blue filling the church with a bright radiance even the guys noticed.   There’s a certain elegance to a woman’s strength, yet the powerful force that centers her is not to be taunted.

That was the story our keynote speaker lived each day of her life, “It was age 12 when she finally put a face to her biological father.  Though she grew up with a stepfather – she’d seen a side of him she never wanted to know.  So really, God was her daddy.  There was no denying God’s role in her life.  Even if she was hit by a semi-truck, she had no fear. . . After the special music, I pray the next voice you hear is none other than Our Father…delivered through his daughter (whose name means ‘admired song’)  – Ms. Miranda Charmaine Adams.”  And that was the trigger.  Pearl Selane  from Fondren SDA Worship Center blessed us with two special musics, and then Adams took the stage.

She took us back to the basics of Ephesians 6:11-17 and reminded us that we are already enlisted and in the midst of a war right now.  It isn’t just a man’s job – we’re held accountable for our own two feet.   Adams analogized what military folk refer to as “friendly fire” as she urged us to “Stop fighting with people you think are the enemy – they are victims.”  The message ended with a powerful recruiter’s plea – “SIGN UP!!”

We came back in the afternoon for a special presentation entitled “Daughters of Grace.”  Female bible characters came to life as a selected group of women dressed up and recounted the stories of Miriam, Bathsheba, Naomi, Dorcas, Rachel, and more.  Watch as our own Kemi Ola resurrects the story of Rahab:

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