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Obama 4: Seemingly Meaningless Struggle

I’m an African woman living in America and I don’t look to Obama as my political savior. I don’t think he will make my life better by being in office and this inauguration day, I am not filled with the hope of a better tomorrow. I don’t think that he has a magic wand to wipe away all my sorrows or right the wrongs of the last couple of centuries or even out the playing field, I’m not that naive.
But on this day, as I watch a black man do what no other has done before,
on this day when DC is flooded with over 2 million spectators of different races united behind a black man not wearing gym shorts,
on this day when the whole world stares in disbelief,
on this day when African Americans remember the struggle,
on this day I am reminded that some died fighting for this and others alive thought they would never see it. I close my eyes and see Martin Luther King Jr in the 1950s and the ridicule he must endured from family and friends who thought it was a meaningless struggle, Harriet Tubman wasn’t heralded by all of slaves for her courageous actions, some thought she was just stirring up trouble.

On days like today I remember those who died spreading the word and hoping for the soon return of Jesus but never saw it fulfilled. I’m reminded of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob belief in the promise land and a generation as countless as the sea. John the Baptist, right before he loses his head and John the Beloved stuck on Patmos, Peter right before he is crucified upside down and Paul shipwrecked for the third time all believing never receiving yet they preserved. Today, I also remember the countless times I have doubted God’s word, the times I thought it would never come to pass and so I refused to act. This all doesn’t make sense because as Christians we know that the battle is already won and yet we act sometimes as if we are on the losing team. Think about it, the fight has already been fixed; all we got to do is live it out. Wouldn’t you like to expend your energy on a cause that will eventually succeed rather that chase man made ambitions built in the sand? In the words of Peter Marshall “It is better to fail in a cause that will ultimately succeed than to succeed in a cause that will ultimately fail.”

So act for the kingdom or your struggle will be meaningless.

(Photo Thanks to: Alex Barth)

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