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Lesson 9: Rizpah: The influence of Faithfulness

The concubine thing has always fascinated me. I remember first asking what a concubine was at an age when I was probably too young to have been asking. I was told they were women who men slept with who were not their wives. I came away not thinking very highly of these women. This week’s […]

No Turning Back.

No Turning Back.

This is the theme for this year’s Generation of Youth for Christ Conference to be held Wednesday December 29, 2010 – Sunday January 2, 2011 at the Baltimore Convention Centre in Baltimore, Maryland. This conference by young people for young people is nothing like your church youth weekend. You will be inspired, challenged and encouraged wherever […]

Lesson 7: Abiathar – Called for a Purpose

Growing up as a Christian has been a great blessing to me. But being brought up in the faith, I often found myself asking what can I do for God? I’ve known about God for much of my life but what can I, a regular ‘ole guy, do for Him? We sometimes think that giving […]

Lesson 6: Uriah – Faith of a Foreigner

Love and loyalty are hard to comprehend when exhibited in their truest form.  The difference between David and Uriah was simply a matter of the condition of the heart.  Being faithful, being loyal – demands a pure commitment to the Master.  Many of us find ourselves being David, and may even stumble to keep up […]

instead. now.

instead. now.

i thought i loved you when i looked out at all the pretty things in this world and felt the sun kiss my back and watched the stars burn through the holes pierced in space