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An Affair

An Affair

I am having an affair. It all started with a kiss, actually, I think it began with a look. You know the look, it always starts off as a glance but then your eyes return to his face and the glance becomes a look that scrutinizes every single body part. So yeah, it started with […]

Kingdom Dog Visits Houston

The moment was intense. I’ll admit, I’m no dog lover. I’m actually allergic and didn’t grow up around household pets other than fish. So while I was very excited my church was hosting an event as unique as Kingdom Dog Ministries, I’d strategically selected my seat in the middle of the back pew. But then […]

SDAs Cited for Good Health

Check out this article on Yahoo – Blue Zones discovers what we already know about the SDA health message.

Congrats Mithun!

We’d like to congratulate one of our regular bloggers – Mithun Mansinghani on his graduation from Rice University. A special private ceremony was held for him a week ago on Sunday, May 11th, 2008. Praise God for the tremendous impact he has had on his surrounding campus community over the past few years he spent […]

Kingdom Dog Heads to Houston

This Sabbath be sure to be at the Houston International SDA Church to meet Kingdom Dog Ministries. 6:15PM on Saturday, May 10th, 2008 learn lessons of obedience from a well-trained and well-traveled dog. We are blessed to have this high-demand presentation join us in Houston don’t miss it!