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Papal Ponderings

Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to the United States has caused quite a stir in the media and conversation, as the great pontiff came and gave speeches, held meetings, and led services. But how do we as Christians, as Protestants, as Adventists, react to the momentous occasion? When the mass Masses are all said and done, […]

Passover: A Celebration of Patience

Israel, Jerusalem, Deyanu, Kosher, Shalom That is the extent of my Jewishness. That is all I know about the culture of my Savior, so it is with great trepidation and a lil’ bit of curiosity that I roll thru’ the stop sign in a hurry to get to the April meeting of ACF which is […]

“Parties for Prostitutes @ 3AM”

Allan Martin at the ignitionblog discussing the message behind The Least of These.

Seeing Past the Scarlet Letter

While many may grimace and groan when I mention it (having been force-fed its pages as juniors in high school) Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter remains one of the favorite pieces of literature I’ve ever studied. There was always something so real, so substantial about the character Hester Prynne. Imagine how my ears perked, then, […]

Pace Domnului

Pace Domnului! The Lord’s peace to you! This, in Romanian, is close to our greeting of “Happy Sabbath”. Today of all days, I think it’s quite appropriate and possibly conveys the true sentiment of this holy day. The Lord’s peace is something that we cannot get from this world. Christ said as much in John […]

Passover Seder: ACF Style

ACF Houston is hosting an event here in Houston tomorrow night at the Houston International SDA Church entitled, The Passover: A Feast of Freedom. Be on time for dinner at 7:00pm April 11, 2008. Details here.

On receiving incredible blessings

I don’t allow myself to do this very often, but recently, I took stock of just how blessed I am in my life. This reflection was initially no gushing to God for all His greatness. In fact, if I just let my mind meander through my most recent history, my knee would certainly not jerk […]

The All-Nighter’s Hangover

Just before prayer, the fire alarm went off. We were wrapping up the end of our weekly Adventist Youth (A.Y.) program, when the loud noise flooded the church. Israel jokingly remarked, “The church is on fire with the Holy Spirit.” I knew then, I could not go home just yet. Still under the influence of […]