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Are you a doer or just a not-doer?

The nation is in a recession. No. The nation is at the beginning of a recession. No. Actually the country is just experiencing a brief re-alignment of the credit industry and this has a slight minute effective on the national economy but rest easy because it is only for a short while. It really doesn’t […]

Are you sure Jesus is alive?

Christianity hangs on the story of Easter.  If the account of the gospels about Jesus’ resurrection were false as the high priest and his men claimed in the first century, then Jesus would become just another radical teacher who attempted to revolutionize Judaism but then failed miserably on a Roman cross.  If the story of […]

Let’s Be Honest…

Honesty. I’ve pretty much found out that it’s the scariest thing in the world. But the few times I’ve actually dabbled in this dark art, My God, it’s wonderful. I just finished reading a book given to me by one of my roommates called The Kingdom of Couches by Will Walker. Mostly it’s a great […]

YWOP: Just As I Am

If you haven’t already, check out Metropolitan SDA’s Youth Week of Prayer going on now. Details here. I went to check things out last night, and I really appreciated the fact that it truly is “for youth by youth”. Tonight the Houston ACF chapter plans to attend Metropolitan to worship together as youth & young […]