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Please God

Please God, try me… (Have you ever mentioned this?) In our lives, at every stage we tend to learn new things and we also experience interesting things. Sometimes, things that we come across and experiences that we encounter teach us something or some of them just tend to be one of those passing clouds, about […]

The Jesus Cure

It’s no secret that life is a difficult maze filled with problems, sorrows, pain and grief. We also know that the cure is Jesus Christ, and that His desire to help each one of us through this maze is His greatest. From the beginning we’ve been told that God shaped us, formed us and made […]


Things kick off today in Dallas, TX with the Young Adult Summit: Ignition.  As participants begin engaging in a host of activities don’t miss out on the blessing.  Javits & I will be heading up tomorrow and we will be reporting along with a team of others at the ignitionblog. Click and comment.

Circle of Freedom

I went to the beach not too long ago.  And I saw you there.  We longed to see the ocean but once we were close to it, we trembled with uncertainty.  That’s when we heard the Lord saying, “Fear not.  I am with you.  Go forward”.  Filled partly with excitement and partly with fear, we […]