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The Great I…Was?

    Life often throws obstacles in our way that seem too difficult to overcome, roadblocks that force us to take a detour, and ditches that make us feel helpless. We look to our friends and our family for comfort and strength. We may find it but then life happens again. We try to look into […]

CWaM Report

It was almost as if I had checked God in with my luggage. Sunday morning surprised me and as the sun rose through the icy chill of an early winter freeze, I was barreling towards the Austin airport, a shivering passenger in a friend’s black Volkswagen. I blinked the sleep from my eyes. Had I […]

What Was In My Drink Last Night

What Was In My Drink Last Night

New Year’s Eve is one of those nights filled with so many mixed emotions. Some people are lost in the crowd and lonely, while others seal away the past year with a special kiss. Things are different for those like Alpha SDA Church members who had the opportunity to be certain about where they stand […]