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Trick or Treat?

What are you doing tonight? Our house has been dark for the past decade or more, and there was never a question about what we were doing for Halloween, because we weren’t. It hasn’t always been like that though, before joining the SDA church our house was the creepiest on the block with mechanical witches […]

Picnic Feedback in Fresh Air

Want to start a youth/young adult group? Serve lunch on a perfect day, outside (preferably in the beautiful Austin hill country), bring your guitar, and then pop the questions. Austin First SDA Church has been a hub for vibrant young adult and youth ministry right in UT’s backyard for the past several years. Times have […]

My Best Birthday Gift

One can almost blindly attribute the word ‘happiness’ to a wedding celebration. It is true that not all weddings turn out to be happy. Or in other words, not ‘everyone’ in every wedding party is happy. But I certainly was, when my cousin got married at my grandma’s place in India the day before my […]

GodTube takes 1st Place

GodTube is the obvious Christian alternative to YouTube and plans to take over the social networking environment for Christians as well.  Nightline seemed to be concerned about the competition between real time virtual reality and actual real life church attendance. Reactions?

Café Renewal Unites College Mascots

The theme for the weekend was “A Community to Each Other” and that’s just what we were. This was one of the few places in Texas you could find a Longhorn, an Aggie, and a Baylor Bear all laughing without any lip. The biochemists would share their experiences with the up and coming biologists, while […]

3 more days to be an Early Bird

Generation of Youth for Christ will be going on this December 19-23 in Minneapolis, MN. To get the early bird discounted rate you’ve got to register by Oct. 14, that’s this Sunday. He’ll be there, will you?

ACF heads to Texas A&M

8PM Friday night we’ll be gathering in Bryan/College Station for our second ACF event. Pastor Lane Campbell will be up on Friday night, and then Pastor Bill Cork will speak on Sabbath.  Lunch and activities to follow.  Check the ACF Houston site for more information.