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Stress Relief in Musical Doses

The bulge began to knot in my throat, and I could feel my right shoulder begin to constrict.  The stress was creeping through my body infecting my every move.  I hate traffic. I hate being late. Put them together, and it’s not pretty. Why do I do this? It doesn’t happen all that often and […]

Preferred Exit Strategy

Ever thought about how you would like to go out? I mean, if you could plan your own death how would it be? I started thinking about that this week after a friend of mine caught up with his expiration date unexpectedly. The circumstances, as peculiar as they may be, illustrate a notable death never […]

The Chicken or the Egg …

So which came first? It’s the age old question illustrating the dilemma presented by circular cause and effect. Does it make a difference when it comes to our spirituality if we practice learned behaviors versus learning fundamental principles, and which should come first? The chicken or the egg phenomenon has been at the center of […]