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Party of 1

It’s three o’clock on Friday afternoon when things are winding down at work, the professor’s lecture is growing stale, and your mom is phoning you from the grocery store to find out if you’ll be home for Sabbath lunch tomorrow. That time of the week we all crave after an average week sprinkled with ups […]

Sabbath ‘TO DO’ List

We all know that the Sabbath is one of the first indicators that SDA youth don’t make the cut for the “cool” crowd as early as elementary school days. There is often a focus on what can’t be done on the Sabbath. When someone approaches the issue, our answer to the question “What do you […]


Sabbath afternoon conversation around the black leather ottomon somehow leads us to healthy discussion about the status of our spritual lives. The stagnant status of SDA young adults seemed all too familiar after nearly a year of doing nothing. The question simply is where have all the early 20 somethings gone? Being one of two, […]